Comunitas is a Brazilian civil society organization of public interest created in 2000, dedicated to the promotion of social development in Brazil, through the engagement of several sectors of society, stimulating and fostering collective actions with one common purpose: reduce social inequalities in order to promote sustainable development in the country. Supporting the organization are great corporations and its leaders who are actively engaged in defining and implementing the organization´s programs.

The initiative arose from the conviction that Brazilian private companies can contribute significantly to overcoming national problems and are facing, increasingly, the challenge to improve the management, quality and impact of its social investment. This requires working in partnership overcoming resistance and creating new patterns of collaboration. It is also important to monitor and evaluate results, systematize learning experiences and disseminate good practices.

This is the direction that Comunitas has focused its operations, aiming on establishing partnerships and producing and disseminating knowledge necessary for the improvement of companies’ participation on the resolution of obstacles for the country development.

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